Fly away with the masters of balloon flight

Everything looks better with a view!

Experience professionalism at its best.

Our young team is passionate about ultramodern hot-air balloons. We will be pleased to explain how everything works, and inform you about the best clothing to wear for such a flight, how high we will fly, or what to do in the event of vertigo. So, let’s go for it…

You can then explore your own region or town/city, make a marriage proposal, or participate in a team-building event.

FEEL THE ADRENALINE flow during a height flight or competition flight. Or just surprise your Very Important People. It’s Quality Time!

Top quality & safe

Quality Ballooning did not steal its name: we are committed to quality – in every aspect of our activities. Our high-quality balloons are ultramodern, less than two years old, and completely safe. Moreover, we want to provide you with a unique experience, down to the very last detail.

Energetic young team

We have a top team: enthusiastic champions with comprehensive training, experience and often, also international expertise. People who tackle every balloon flight with their hearts and souls, full-time. And full service – they will be pleased to tell you everything about the progress of the flight.

Own transport

No hassle for you. When the balloon flight ends, our minibus transports you back to the launch location. You cannot take a lot of luggage with you in our balloon baskets, but there is enough space in the minibus for handbags and other accessories.

Safety advantage

Safety is a top priority for Quality Ballooning. We achieve this goal with a brand-new fleet of balloons with the latest equipment, and pay special attention to the weather conditions. We also receive comprehensive training that enables us to correctly interpret the weather conditions.

Unforgettable moments

Discover our flights


Exclaim ooh! and aah! During a fabulous balloon flight with stunning views.
Above your own region, anywhere in Belgium. Pure enjoyment!


Surprise your loved one or relatives with an exclusive adventure between heaven and earth. The basket is exclusively reserved for all of you! This enhances the solidarity between you and you experience a great adventure.


Love is all that matters. Propose to your loved one high in the air, and feel the butterflies in your stomach! During or after the flight, we supply Veuve Clicquot champagne and a bouquet of roses.

Prefer a customized approach? Just say the word

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