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Marriage proposal

The unique moment of the marriage proposal on video
With champagne Veuve Clicquot during and after the balloon ride!

Comprehensive package

Bouquet of roses after the flight for your loved one
Unique balloon ride only available at Quality Ballooning
Totally unique adventure lasting 4 to 5 hours
Extremely professional equipment and experienced team
QualityBallooning provides insurance for every passenger
Champagne breakfast for morning flights
Candlelit bubbly drink for night flights
Personalized balloon certificate
Nice present as a souvenir from a great adventure
After the flight, we provide the transport back to the launch location

Before your flight

Altogether, you can count on spending four to five hours, from the launch to the landing. The balloon flight itself lasts for at least one hour, but to you, it will seem more like a trip around the world. But you must be well prepared. Our charming pilot will therefore give you a detailed briefing at the launch location. He will also provide you with a detailed explanation about how everything happens and how he navigates the balloon. Ready, steady, go!

During the balloon flight

Love is all that matters. Propose to your loved one high in the air, and feel the butterflies in your stomach! During or after the flight, we supply Veuve Clicquot champagne and a bouquet of roses.
Love, Love, Love!

After your flight

Daar zijn geen woorden voor…Smachtende blikken, een super-romantische hemel en de toekomst die er veelbelovend uitziet. Arm in arm genieten jullie na van deze rozige momenten, met een hapje en een drankje (en bij valavond van kaarslicht). Want het is de liefde die telt, en niks anders…Voor altijd…Net zoals deze herinnering…

After morning flights, Cava, coffee & brioches await you.
After night flights, a candlelit table awaits you, with a bubbly drink and a snack.


Marriage proposal€ 649

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