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Quality Time VIP Flights

Under the professional supervision of our experienced pilot.

Comprehensive package

A balloon basket exclusively for you and your companions
Totally unique adventure lasting 4 to 5 hours
Extremely professional equipment and experienced team
QualityBallooning provides insurance for every passenger
Champagne breakfast for morning flights
Candlelit bubbly drink for night flights
Personalized balloon certificate
Nice present as a souvenir from a great adventure
After the flight, we provide the transport back to the launch location

Before your flight

You feel your heart in your throat, everything is so exciting. But first of all, the balloon has to be filled with hot air. In the meantime, the enthusiastic pilot from QualityBallooning explains in colourful detail exactly what you can expect during the balloon flight. Everything from the launch to the descent. Only then are you completely ready to dive into the basket!

During the balloon flight

An ideal formula for escaping from the pressure and chaos of everyday life. Just the two of you, or with your inner circle. With your children or your grandparents, with the neighbours or with colleagues. Conviviality rules. Experiencing these unique moments and fabulous landscapes together creates a very close relationship. Something that will always remain with you. Because between heaven and earth, solidarity only grows stronger, and that’s for sure.

After your flight

Both feet back on the ground? Then you can enjoy an informal chat and a cosy drink:

After morning flights, Cava, coffee & brioches await you.
After night flights, a candlelit table awaits you, with a bubbly drink and a snack.


2 Persons€ 550
3 to 4 Persons€ 750
5 to 10 Persons€ 1 200

Prefer a customized approach? Just say the word

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